Holding a musket and staring down danger (graveyardghosts) wrote,
Holding a musket and staring down danger

Official announcement is official

Like this wasn't already obvious, but I'm making an official announcement anyway: I don't really update my LJ anymore. You will now find me spending most of my time on Tumblr. I'd love for any of you to follow me on there if you have an account. If Tumblr's not your thing, I also still update my Twitter every once in a while if you'd prefer to follow me on there.

I am, however, keeping my LJ around in case Tumblr implodes on itself (a situation that's more likely than not to happen, considering how many times I see that stinking maintenance page -- P.S., you can change the colors/graphics around all you want, Tumblr staff, it doesn't make it any less annoying!) and because there a few people whose journals I continue to stalk.
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